Mosrite Award BG-500 Ventures Amplifier
and Mosrite Ventures Echo

The Mosrite Award amplifier was a sales disaster for both Mosrite and the Ventures. This one works well but it's not something I would take to gigs as the electronics are not robust in their design and construction.  This was the problem that folks who bought one in the '60's faced.

The Mosrite Ventures Model Echo (below the amp) never went into production. It was made by the Tel Ray company. It is an "oil can" echo. tel Ray produced the same exact model on which other companies put their logos. More info can be found at http://www.geocities.com/tel_ray/home.html .

Sound Samples:
Mosrite (Tel Ray) Ventures Model Oil Can Echo
Mosrite Sidejack through Mosrite Award Fuzzrite Effect
Wilson VCM 2002 through Mosrite Award Vibrato effect
Wilson VCM 2002 through Mosrite Award noisey Tremelo effect
Mosrite Ventures XII through Mosrite Award Amp clean
Wilson VM-110 through Mosrite Award Amp clean playing "Walk Don't Run on the Stairs"
BG-500 Schematic
Video of BG-500 and BG-1000 and comparison of FuzzRites

Here's a picture of the Ventures using the Award Amp on tour in Japan 1967.

BG-1000 pics below: