Ventures CDs

The CD era started around 1985 but Ventures CDs didn't appear on the market for several years. In the late '80's, a couple of compilation CDs started to show up in Japan and the USA. CDs of the original Ventuers LPs were not available until April of 1990 and that was only in Japan. The Ventures rejuvinated U.S. popularity of the early '80's had waned significantly by 1990 so even finding imports of the Japan CDs was difficult. I had them special ordered by a specialty store a good hour away from my house. I recall paying just over 20 clams for each CD. The sound was fairly good on most of these CDs but a couple of them apparently came from inferior master tapes. In particular both the "Batman" and "WDR Vol 2" CDs. What was very nice about these inital LP-CDs was the sharp cover art reproductions on the CD booklets. To this day, the cover art for Ventures CDs has not been done as nicely, with the exception of the recent CD mini-lp series from Japan.  Domestic CD versions of the Ventures LPs would take several more years to become available.

On the back cover of the "Go With The Ventures" CD, an alternate photo than that seen on the lp version is used.